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BP Solarpunk Media is a boutique studio creating immersive experiences for kids and the kid-at-heart. We spark impact through empathy, storytelling and play.


BSM was founded by Kai Little-White, M.A., an entrepreneurial storyteller and educator who sought to create lasting enrichment through immersive media.

BSM mentors, consults and collaborates on linear and interactive media for kids. We combine innovation and storytelling, the J.E.D.I. Way.



 [SOL-AR-PUNK] : A neo-Caribbean worldview similar to the environmental, architectural, and science fiction philosophy that imagines an optimistic future with technology, nature, and society in harmony.

Operating System:

 [J.E.D.I. 3.0] : Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Solstice Stories
Leaf Pattern Design
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10-14 yo players master empathy and innovation and experience adventure and wonder through

AR mini-games and experiences.

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Leaf Pattern Design

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